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New Website! - 6th of February 2022

Well not quite but definitely a redesign!

Wow this might genuinely be the first time in nearly 2 years that im actually writing a little blog entry for this page.
So how did we get here? Well I knew for a long time that the old Bytespace codebase was bad.

But I didn't know quite how bad.

So I decided its time for a complete rewrite from scratch. (and thats what you're looking at right now!)
I have learned a ton about web development since back when I wrote the original Bytespace site back in July 2020.
(I actually currently do a lot of web dev, as it's a big part of my job)

So knowledge and my tiny bit of skill and brain power in hand i went to work.

First step was for Mirko and me to get together and make up a new design, as we were starting to get fairly unhappy with the old one.
One design session later we got this beaute of a design!
(dont quote me on that, I tend to change my thoughts on a design fairly often)

Writing the backend was pretty straight forward as well. Oh btw this site is written in good old trusty php.
The most satisfying part was definitely re-creating the database structure as I could start with a blank slate and get rid of all the old database's clutter. (it was basically like soul bleaching)

Also, I took the time to write some Javascript to spice up the u s e r   e x p e r i e n c e. I think it adds a really nice touch lol

So I hope you enjoy this cute and quirky new site with a well commented new codebase!

RIP old Bytespace [July 2020 - February 2022]

- RedCube